Goodbye from Intern Sarah

It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end and that this will be my last blog post for! It has been a blast working in such a forward-thinking, creative environment for the past 10 weeks.

My time here has been well spent, to say the least. Working in a startup environment is always challenging, thrilling, and educating, and Off Campus Media is no exception. I have been managing the blog and social media feeds as well as working on various marketing and business development projects with our intern team of five. More importantly, though, I’ve been learning a lot from my fellow interns about the joys of Wingstop and Taco Bell. Thanks, guys!

I think my favorite part of the experience was the opportunity to see the inner workings of a company at this stage and size. It’s fascinating to watch a product go from idea to implementation, to watch a suggestion be coded into reality. Furthermore, it’s interesting to see how decisions are made and who makes each decision within a company. Where does strategy begin and where does it get implemented? Well, I’ve learned that it depends on a lot of factors.

Aside from that, I also really enjoyed and valued my individual conversations with various team members. I had the opportunity to sit down with almost every executive, and every member of the campus team and digital team at some point throughout the summer. They all have their specialty, and each member has a wealth of knowledge within that area. That provided for great variety in learning experiences for us interns.

On the academic side, I’ve mastered skills here that will no doubt enhance my schoolwork this year (senior year!). We have practiced and improved professional skills and management skills that will carry over seamlessly into presentations and time management. I know that my approach to projects, particularly group work, will be fundamentally different, and that my ability to adapt has increased tremendously throughout this experience.

On the professional side, I’ve gained countless hours of knowledge that simply cannot be learned in the classroom. We were tutored and coached in anything we had a desire to learn, from SEO to product design, recruiting to presenting. This is the type of knowledge that one hopes to gain from an internship to supplement traditional learning, and Off Campus Media definitely provides that in multitudes!

I’m going to miss coming in to work here every day, but I’m happy that my Off Campus Media family is close by school for many school-year visits. Working here was absolutely an experience I will never forget, and provided me with skills and knowledge that I will take with me into all of my future endeavors. Thanks team!



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