Avoid Eviction: How Not to Anger Your Landlord

Most people do not like their landlords. It doesn’t necessarily mean that landlords are bad people; it’s just that their position exists exclusively to collect rent and deal with problems in an apartment or building. No one enjoys paying monthly rent, dealing with broken pipes or other tasks that landlords must carry out to fulfill their jobs. But at the end of the day, someone has to do it, so it doesn’t hurt to be on good terms with the person in control of your living situation.

Make Friends, Not War

The best way to avoid eviction is to be friends with your landlord. When I say, “be friends”, I don’t mean inviting them over for dinner or going to a movie with them. I mean when you see them around the apartment complex, be civil and polite. Having some friendly conversations with them will go a long way if a problem ever arises. By putting a personality and a face behind the landlord/tenant relationship, it will make it harder for a landlord to kick you out or try and screw you over.

Respect Their Authority!

The second piece of advice I have it to simply respect authority. While a landlord is not your boss or professor, they still have some power over you in the sense that they have the authority in an apartment building. You don’t have to like them, but there is no reason to cross them when you don’t have to. When dealing with them, treat them as if they’re your employer. Choose your words carefully and avoid argumentation unless absolutely necessary. One way to avoid confrontation or potential disagreements about “he said, she said” type scenarios is to put all your complaints in an email so that they are documented. That way, if a landlord tells you your air conditioning will be fixed Monday morning, you can show them evidence on their words.

Trashy Is Not Classy

If you want to avoid eviction, don’t trash the areas around your apartment. Sure, grilling on the balcony can be fun, but if you leave garbage and beer cans on the lawn of your building, expect your landlord to get angry. Keep your place clean and don’t break things and you will almost never have to deal with your landlord. As far as calling on or complaining to your landlord, make sure the reason is a good one and not something that you could fix easily yourself. There is nothing a landlord hates more than having to deal with minute problems with each and every tenant.

Pay Punctually

Last but certainly not least, pay your rent on time! For the most part, if you pay your rent you won’t get evicted as long as you don’t trash your place too bad or beat up your landlord. Remember, landlords are people too – so treat them accordingly and safely stay in your apartment for the duration of your lease.


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